Want to make money and change the world? More and more businesses are understanding ethical behaviour is not only good for the soul but the hip pocket too. YBI reports.

‘Greed is good’ is dead. Today’s businesses exist in a world where consumer decisions are often guided by a sense of morals and ethics. People want brands to be socially responsible. They want them to care for the planet and its people too.

It’s no longer good enough to simply pay lip service to a cause, customers are expecting small business and big business alike to stand up for what’s right and they are happy to walk away from a brand if it’s proved to be doing wrong.

Is it any wonder being good, or being a business with a purpose has become some popular?

From pole-caught sustainable fishing to no more animal testing to the end of sweatshops and poor labor conditions, consumers are rising up and demanding more from brands and those that heed the call are reaping the benefits.

So how can your small business be a force for good?

You can begin by making purpose a part of your business DNA. You might think that philanthropy is something reserved for big corporations, but the truth is you can make any business a force for good. It’s all about your choices.

Don’t get too hung up on trying to do everything ‘good’. Start by doing one good thing and implement further changes along the way.

If your business offers a delivery service, consider looking at ways you can offset your carbon footprint. Introduce recycling practices, so you can make sure any waste is maximised. Consider sponsoring a local sports team or setting aside time to volunteer.

What about diversity? How does your business stack up when it comes to your hiring practices? Do you have good gender representation? Where do you stand on equality? Embracing and promoting  inclusivity in your work practices is another way your business can do good.

Doing good is also great for company culture. Consider implementing charity days at your business – whereby you allow employees a day or a week off each year to work with a charity program to give back to the community.

These opportunities not only provide great bonding moments for your team, they help promote social change. Doing good is an integral part of building a sustainable company culture. It drives people and keeps them happy and healthy.

Of course, you cannot give what you do not have. And for many small business owners, money is often tight. Implementing some of the strategies above will have little impact on your bottom line but a big impact on your heart and soul.

So what are you waiting for? Let your business become a force for good.